Housekeeper for Gilbert Homes • Flexible House Cleaning Options


A trait that is common to all homeowners who are living in or around the Gilbert area is the desire to have their home look and be as clean as possible.

However, many times these homeowners might find themselves at a bit of a disadvantage thanks to the hectic schedule they have to follow in their day-to-day lives. With workloads and social commitments taking up a large portion of their time, a messy home seems inevitable.

With their work leaving them with a severe lack of energy and/or motivation to initiate cleanup operations in their home, many homeowners the Gilbert area are often forced to take a day off from work so that they can clean.

After all, it’s important to have a clean house in the event of an unavoidable social event being held in your house, be it a loved one’s birthday or anniversary celebration. However, now there is a solution at hand.

In such conditions, the solution that can help homeowners who are living in or around the Gilbert area is to get the best residential cleaning services thanks to the professional housekeepers who work for Clean Sweep House Cleaning.  Our professional housekeepers are ready, willing and completely equipped to give homeowners in Gilbert the professional maid services they have been waiting for.


Maid Services Can Keep Your Gilbert Home Ready for Visitors


Homeowners who are living in or around the Gilbert area can now relax as they get the best professional house cleaning services by hiring a professional housekeeper.

Our team of professionals well equipped to handle almost any and every kind of cleaning operation in almost any and every kind of house. These professional residential cleaning services include:

  • Weekly: A weekly clean up of agreed upon portions of the home
  • Bi-weekly: Maid services that are scheduled twice a week
  • Monthly: Schedule a clean-up session of the house once every month
  • Move-ins: Move into a freshly cleaned new home
  • Move-outs: Leave a sparkling clean home for the next residents in your house
  • One time cleans: Have your home looking brand new in no time
  • Spring cleaning: Get your home ready for the coming season
  • Vacation home: Start your vacation off right by getting yourself the cleanest vacation home


Residential Cleaning Services for Gilbert • Clean • Sweep • Mop


We have a team of bonded, licensed, certified and insured maid services professionals ready to give you the best professional residential cleaning services you’ve ever had.

All that homeowners who are living in or around the Gilbert area need to do is call
480-448-5770, and Clean Sweep House Cleaning will send a professional housekeeper over right away.