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General Cleaning

Are you struggling with work schedules, kids activities, personal commitments? In today’s busy world, trying to fit housekeeping chores into your day are almost impossible! Clean Sweep House Cleaning can take this task off of your list!

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Move in/Move out

Having a clean place to come to can help relieve the stress of the moving process. You already have to deal with boxes and unpacking, but you don’t have to deal with the cleaning process too! Moving out? We can make sure your place is clean when you leave!

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Vacation Home Cleaning

Whether or not you rent your home out, or you have the luxury of being a snowbird, keeping your vacation home clean doesn’t have to be a headache. We can clean up after renters leave, or have your home sparkling clean for you when your arrive!

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Cleaning Services

When it’s dirty, we clean it! We offer flexible hours, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning services. Our spring cleaning and one-time services can give your home the attention it deserves. Let us clean those areas that are always the last thing on the list!

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Cleaning Services for Gold Canyon Homeowners • Flexible Days and Hours


Keeping a home clean is a full time job in itself, especially with the number of people going in and out of a home as well as open windows and doors, which can let in dust.

All the homeowners who are living in or around the Gold Canyon area who have kids know full well the stresses of having to clean up after your young ones have had themselves some play time.

Since most homeowners in the Gold Canyon area are living in households where both members of the house work full time, making time for the house cleaning is something that is often relegated to the weekend.

Many Gold Canyon homeowners still may not have the time or the energy to do house cleaning, given the fact that most weekends are spent busy with some form of social activity.


House Cleaning Services in Gold Canyon • Weekly • Bi-Weekly • Monthly


However, when you hire Clean Sweep House Cleaning’s professional house cleaning services, home owners in and around the Gold Canyon area can make sure that their property receives the most professional house cleaning services that are available to them.

Our roster of professional house cleaning experts bring you flexible day and time options that include a variety of house cleaning services for the Gold Canyon community:

  • Weekly: Once a week to clean it top to bottom
  • Bi-Weekly: Twice a week visits from your house cleaning expert of choice
  • Monthly: A monthly visit from a professional cleaner takes care of all your cleaning problems
  • Move-Ins: Start a new chapter off on the right foot with a clean new home
  • Move-Outs: Leave your home looking as glamorous and as attractive as it can be
  • One Time Cleans: Hosting an event? Do you want your house looking spectacular?
  • Spring Cleans: Get ready as the new season comes in
  • Vacation Home: Gift yourself the perfect vacation home with our cleaning services


Gold Canyon House Cleaning Services • We Will Make it Shine!


Homeowners who live in and around the Gold Canyon area who are searching for the best professional house cleaning services for their home need not worry any more.

A single phone call to the professional house cleaning experts at Clean Sweep House Cleaning at 480-448-5770, and you will get a prompt visit from one of our experts.

We will not only create a list of all the areas you want cleaned, but we will also give you an estimate with prices that will put a smile on your face.