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General Cleaning

Are you struggling with work schedules, kids activities, personal commitments? In today’s busy world, trying to fit housekeeping chores into your day are almost impossible! Clean Sweep House Cleaning can take this task off of your list!

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Move in/Move out

Having a clean place to come to can help relieve the stress of the moving process. You already have to deal with boxes and unpacking, but you don’t have to deal with the cleaning process too! Moving out? We can make sure your place is clean when you leave!

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Vacation Home Cleaning

Whether or not you rent your home out, or you have the luxury of being a snowbird, keeping your vacation home clean doesn’t have to be a headache. We can clean up after renters leave, or have your home sparkling clean for you when your arrive!

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Cleaning Services

When it’s dirty, we clean it! We offer flexible hours, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning services. Our spring cleaning and one-time services can give your home the attention it deserves. Let us clean those areas that are always the last thing on the list!

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Cleaning Services for Gilbert Homeowners • Flexible Days and Hours


The satisfaction that one gets from living in a clean home is great. However, the amount of house cleaning required to keep that house clean often prevents us from achieving that satisfaction.

The constant attention that is required to keep the house clean is often overlooked by people who work fulltime jobs. In such a case, house cleaning services ensure that the house you live in is in the best possible condition.

The level of house cleaning that is provided by professional cleaning services makes your house ready for any situation, whether it is hosting a party or just spending some time with your loved ones in a stress-free environment.


House Cleaning Services in Gilbert • Weekly • Bi-Weekly • Monthly


House cleaning in Gilbert homes is often a tedious task. There are a lot of indoor and outdoor areas that need to be given proper attention while cleaning.

The manual labor that is involved in this endeavor is quite daunting, and hiring Clean Sweep House Cleaning to clean your home for you will ensure that it takes place smoothly.

Professional house cleaning is always done in a thorough and precise manner, which allows step by step cleaning to occur throughout the house.

Starting from simple mattress cleaning all the way out to a complete over-all of the house, house cleaning services can cover many of vital bases that need to be cleaned in a home.


Gilbert House Cleaning Services • We Will Make it Shine!


When you look for house cleaning services in Gilbert, always choose a reliable name like Clean Sweep House Cleaning.

We have cemented our name in the cleaning industry by providing thorough cleaning services over the years.

By utilizing our professional house cleaning services, you will definitely have a smile on your face the next time you enter into your spic and span home.

If you want this to happen to you, give us a call at 480-448-5770.